May 17, 2021, Danvers, MA– Dr. William Brady, President of Brady Back Institute, is providing proven relief for those with chronic low back pain. He has created artificially intelligent software; working in conjunction with his independently-developed treatment methods to analyze more than 150 diagnoses, many of which are often missed by other physicians and specialists. 

“I’ve been wrestling with the idea for almost 20 years,” says Dr. Brady, shaking his head. “Why doesn’t anyone care about diagnosis? Because they’ve been told it can’t be done.” Medical texts state it is not possible to establish a specific diagnosis for more than 90% of patients with low back pain. With this false standard, low back pain patients have been subjected to expensive surgery, medications and endless physical therapy with little relief. Brady’s published research and results in the Journal of Musculoskeletal Disorders and Treatment establishes new clinical diagnostic criteria that proves why these medical texts are wrong.

For thirteen years, Dr. Brady has taught other physicians his methods to deviate from the madness that is the established medical norm of ‘untreatable’ low back pain. During this time, he was able to observe how other doctors retained and implemented his teachings. This first-hand information and feedback allowed Dr. Brady’s techniques to push the field of musculoskeletal medicine forward.

Dr. Brady states, “The guidelines say low back pain can’t be diagnosed, yet we do it all day, every day.” Brady Back Institute uses methods that have been proven in treatment rooms, scientific publications and taught across the country. His groundbreaking treatment methods and concrete research give chronic low back pain patients the power to choose recovery with confidence.

Dr. Brady has been committed to improving the health of his patients on the North Shore by providing revolutionary patient-specific care since 1998. Today, Dr. Brady continues to educate and heal others with his groundbreaking treatment and diagnostic process. Brady Back Institute is dedicated to healing those being tormented by low back pain and will allow them to enjoy their lives without pain.

Chronic low back pain (LBP) is a serious problem and we want you to know the latest scientific developments:

  • 90% of low back pain patients are not diagnosed or treated properly
  • Highly accurate diagnoses produced by our new expert system 
  • Our targeted treatments are research-backed and highly effective 

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