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Cells become damaged with age, overuse and injury. These damaged cells are called senescent. They accumulate in your tissues and prevent healing. If you’ve tried multiple other treatments for chronic back pain without success, it’s time to experience Sonic Senolytics.

Our typical patient is 85% improved following treatment.

The average treatment plan consists of 15 visits over 4 months.

Cost varies with severity and ranges from $2700-$4900

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Sonic Senolytics™ defined:

Sonic Senolytics uses sound energy to selectively recycle old or damaged (senescent) cells and promote healing in damaged tissue. The word senolytic is derived from the the words senescence (aging) and lytic (destroying). Senescent cells can damage cartilage, muscle, bone, and spinal discs causing back pain, disc degeneration and sciatica.