How does Sonic Senolytics work?

Sonic Senolytics treatment reduces damaged cells in muscles, tendons, nerves and discs.

Cells become damaged with age, overuse and injury. These damaged cells are called senescent. The more stress, injury and overuse the more senescent cells you will have.

If you’ve tried multiple other treatments for chronic back pain without success, it’s time to experience Sonic Senolytics.

Sonic Senolytics

Proposed mechanism for Sonic Senolytics treatment. 

Treatment Outline:

  • Your doctor will diagnose areas of degeneration, fibrosis, inflammation and pain.
  • A medical device that produces sound energy will be applied to your areas of diagnosis.
  • Specific protocols involving your position, motion, depth, location, and intensity are utilized to ensure correct treatment dose.
  • Overall intensity is increased over several treatment visits.
  • Tissue length and strength exerecises will be utilized to ensure the new cells produce high quality tissue.
  • Additional dietary or lifestyle factors will also be addressed.

Each case is different. You doctor will discuss your individual diagnosis, prognosis and treatment options in detail.

This video explains why senescent cells are bad and how Sonic Senolytics reduces them.

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