“The answer only matters if it’s a good question.”

-Dr. William Brady

We make our treatment decisions based on science, and we are contributing to the larger healthcare community through our own research.

Our original research:

Sciatic Nerve Entrapment due to Fibrous Adhesion in the Deep Gluteal Space: Proposed Clinical Diagnostic Criteria and Therapy Using Manual Adhesion Release®

Sciatic nerve entrapment due to fibrous adhesion (SNE-A) in the deep gluteal space is an under diagnosed entity that is responsible for a portion of low back pain (LBP) cases. This case series aimed to (1) Propose new clinical diagnostic criteria, (2) Determine the frequency of SNE-A among a population with LBP, and (3) Assess clinical outcomes after manual therapy for SNE-A.

Author: William Brady
Published November 27, 2020
Journal of Musculoskeletal Disorders and Treatment

Professional Articles:

  • Technician vs. Doctor
    William Brady, Dynamic Chiropractic– September 10, 2007, Vol. 25, Issue 19
    A new distinction is emerging in the chiropractic profession. The traditional classification was between straight and mixer. Straights specialized in adjustments of the spine only and considered anything else to be something other than chiropractic. Mixers realized that patients would benefit from adjustments and additional treatments such as heat, electric stimulation, exercises, etc.

  • Back Pain Literature-What Have We Learned?
    William Brady, Dynamic Chiropractic– December 14, 2000, Vol. 18, Issue 26
    Knowledge is the foundation of clinical success. In health care, this knowledge is shared through professional literature published and critiqued by our peers. This is done in an effort to determine what information is most accurate and balanced. Any idea that has been exposed to intelligent critique, then validated or modified, is improved.

Interpreting research:

Can you diagnose back pain?
A round table discussion with Dr. Brady and the Integrative Diagnosis Instructors regarding the reality behind back pain diagnosis.

Low Back Pain and MRI: This error rate will surprise you!
Do I need an MRI for low back pain? Dr. Brady, from the Brady Back Institute, goes into detail on when you need an MRI in a call with the Integrative Diagnosis Instructors.

Sciatic Nerve Entrapment: Over 20 Years of Research
Fibrosis can form around the sciatic nerve. This can reduce mobility, blood supply and cause pain. It can be reduced with Manual Adhesion Release® or surgery. Proven since 1925! A discussion with Integrative Diagnosis instructors and Dr.’s Brady and Cohen, of the Brady Back Institute

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