How does Manual Adhesion Release work?

Manual Adhesion Release is a specific treatment that utilizes the providers hands to reduce adhesion in muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves.

MAR works like this:

1. Your doctor will diagnose the exact location of your adhesion/fibrosis.
2. The tissue (muscle, tendon, ligament or nerve) is placed in a shortened position.
3. Using their hands, your doctor places a contact against the adhesion.
4. Using extreme anatomical precision, proper depth and tension is applied.
5. An assistant helps move the body part through a range of motion to increase tension.

The result of MAR is to generate tension directly on the adhesion to reduce and eliminate it. The concept behind Manual Adhesion Release is simple. However, the application requires expert skill.

Dr. William Brady developed these procedures in 2011 and has trained hundreds of doctors.


This is a very technical explanation because MAR is a very technical procedure. There is no “kind of” or “close enough.” The provider has to have the right contact in the right location, at the right depth and increase tension through the motion. This is very demanding work and the results are amazing! 

This video shows a common location for adhesion to develop (sciatic nerve) and demonstrates how MAR reduces the adhesion. 

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