Lazarus Protocol For Back Pain

STOP trying to treat PAIN.

START restoring your HEALTH.

Pain feels like your problem. It's really just a warning sign that your back is unhealthy. 
Drugs, injections and surgeries don't make you healthy.
They just mask your symptoms.
 This is often why treatment for back pain fails.
Lazarus Protocol Solution

First restore health THEN feel better

Most doctors don't focus on back health because they don't know how to measure it. We do!

Just like blood pressure, glucose levels or any critical health indicator- back health can be measured.

The first step of the Lazarus Protocol is to measure everything that is important.

Circle of total back health

Complete & Accurate Diagnosis

Find out exactly what is really causing your pain, but even better, find out why it's not healing.

Lasting Relief

When we restore health you feel and function better for the long term.

Save Time and Money

A solution that works always saves time, money and reduces stress. The Lazarus Protocol is the highest value solution for back health.

The Lazarus Protocol is truly comprehensive

The most detailed system in existence for BOTH diagnosis and treatment

We solve the majority of the toughest cases of back pain. We do this by taking it very seriously, having an extraordinarily detailed approach and combining the best human attributes with advanced software programs. The Lazarus Protocol is truly comprehensive.

Getting Started with Lazarus Protocol

Like nothing you've ever experienced!



The  consultation is 30 minutes of one-on-one time with one of our doctors. We listen to your story, put your data into our Fast Map software and determine if you are a candidate for the exam



Our examination is specifically designed for you. Our doctors will rule in or out each of the diagnoses suggested by our proprietary symptom matching software.

Case Presentation


Case presentation including: diagnoses, proposed treatment, recommendations and prognosis. We are always upfront about your estimated improvement.

What Our Patients Are Saying

Larissa Bifano- Runner

 I could not have achieved my racing successes without Dr. Brady. He corrected all the soft tissue injuries so that I could train correctly and I was the New England Champion at the 5k in 2013. He keeps me healthy and allows me to do the sport I love.

Dr. Carl Nottoli- Clinic Director, Functional Pain Relief

Dr. Brady and BBI are the reason I can do my job. I would have had surgery for my disc injury if it wasn't for him. They are amazing and I owe them my career.

Dr. Matthew Lytle Clinic Director, Precision Health Group

Dr. Brady and BBI are the reason I can do my job. I would have had surgery for my disc injury if it wasn't for him. They are amazing and I owe them my career.

William Leblanc- Former hockey Player

I am about half way through my treatment plan and my back is feeling better than it has in many years. The staff and doctors are excellent. I highly recommend the Brady Back Institute for anyone who has tried everything else to address their back pain without success.

Lazarus Protocol for Back Pain

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