How does IAR work?

Instrument Adhesion Release (IAR) is a treatment that utilizes a specially designed instrument to reduce adhesion in muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves.

IAR works like this:

  1. Your doctor will identify the exact location of the adhesion.
  2. The patient is positioned to maximize tension on the adhesion (there are hundreds of different positions).
  3. The doctor selects the instrument contact, depth and angle.
  4. The doctor moves the instrument over the adhesion, performing several passes per treatment session.

This generates tension directly on the adhesion to reduce and eliminate it. Instrument Adhesion Release is not generic soft tissue “mobilization” but rather a highly targeted diagnostic, instrument and protocol combination that allows for faster more effective treatment.

IAR is maximally effective for adhesion that is up to 1″ deep. Deeper adhesion is treated with Manual Adhesion Release or Sonic Senolytics.

Dr. William Brady developed IAR in 2011, and has trained hundreds of doctors to use these procedures.

In this video Dr. Brady demonstrates Instrument Adhesion Release for a ligament in the low back. This ligament often develops adhesion/fibrosis and restricts range of motion putting increased pressure on discs and nerves. 

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