With the help of Brady Back Institute, Carl went from spending time in pain to spending time with his son.

Carl is a father, husband, engineer and recreational athlete. For 35 years he had been able to work, play and enjoy life without limitations. Then he started to experience back pain and everything changed for him. 

At first it was just occasional, but gradually it became more frequent until it was a constant companion. For over four years Carl was locked in a downward spiral of increasing pain, decreasing activity and plummeting enjoyment of life’s simple pleasures. He couldn’t even pick up his 6 year old son or sit for more than 10 minutes. He needed to find a way out of this living hell before it was too late.

“How can this be happening?”

Carl started to look for professional help. He saw nine different doctors, for fifty visits and spent over $5,000 trying different treatments. Unfortunately, none of it was working- not even a little bit. “Applying ice at home works better than all of this professional help,” he lamented. “How can this be happening? Is this my life now?”

With hope and persistence, Carl continued to scour the internet until he found our research article. Reading it, he thought, “this looks promising” so he picked up the phone and called Brady Back Institute. After the initial consultation, he was scheduled for an exam, where he had his first breakthrough since seeking help.

All of his other doctors missed a critical issue

During the exam, it was discovered that all of his other doctors missed a critical issue: his low back range of motion was only 40%. Not a single doctor or therapist measured this important motion until he came to Brady Back Institute. Measurement is a key part of treatment, because it allows our doctors to test, treat and retest our patient’s progress, giving them key insight and understanding that couldn’t be attained otherwise. Dr. Cohen, one of the chiropractic Physicians at Brady Back Institute, not only measured Carl’s low back range of motion but he determined why the motion was limited and began to treat the underlying problem.

After only 12 treatment sessions, Carl is now able to sit for 4 hours (improved from only 10 minutes), work a full day and best of all pick up his son. He even touched his toes for the first time since middle school!



1. Your Doctor Must Measure Your Range Of Motion.

Low back flexion is the most important range of motion. Based on our research, this is limited in 91% of low back patients.

2. Find Alternative Solutions

The same things don’t work for everyone, because not everyone has the same problem! If what you are doing isn’t working or has stopped making progress, try something else.

3. Don’t Take ‘No’ For An Answer

There are different physicians and specialists for a reason. Get a second, third or tenth opinion until you achieve success, you’re worth it.

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