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Many people are led to believe there is no effective treatment or that they can’t further improve.

We want to show you that’s not true. You can regain your quality of life and significantly reduce your pain.” 

Dr. William Brady

William Brady, DC 

Why Choose Brady Back Institute?

Get Your 

Mornings Back

We know how important it is to start each day off right. But for those suffering from chronic back pain, that can be almost impossible. The cutting-edge treatments available only at BBI provide relief from morning pain, limited mobility and frustration. Here, we work  to get your mornings back.

Get Your 

Breaks Back

Whether it's catching a movie, or just taking a drive, you deserve a chance to get away from the everyday.  With chronic pain, it can be painful to sit for long periods of time and the time you take for yourself can be difficult to enjoy. Our treatments at Brady Back Institute have proven to reduce the root causes of pain and inflammation, so you can get your breaks back.

Get Your 

Health Back

Your body works as a system. If one part of the system is failing, the rest can too. Chronic back pain can affect your immune system, psychological health and can also hinder other physical functions of your body. All of these factors are taken into consideration during every step of your treatment. At Brady Back Institute, we aim to get your health back.

Introducing A Groundbreaking New Treatment

We are proud to introduce the latest  therapy in musculoskeletal medicine available only at Brady Back Institute. 

Sonic Senolytics™ treatment uses sound energy to selectively recycle old or damaged cells  in muscles, tendons, nerves and discs, promoting regeneration in damaged tissue.

What Will You Get Back When Your Chronic Pain Is Gone?

Chronic pain makes you choose between pain and the person you truly are. 

Now, you don't have to.

For individuals suffering from chronic back pain who want to live pain-free, Brady Back Institute provides cutting-edge therapies that eliminate or reverse the causes of back pain.

Set apart from other specialists, the treatment methods at Brady Back Institute are the most effective in the industry because of its commitment to patient health and investment in the advancement of restorative medicine. 


Your Life

The best things in life are there for you without having to think about them. The freedom to move how you want, when you want is no exception. Now, you can stop planning your life around chronic pain.


Your Workouts

Fitness and physical health go hand-in-hand. Whether your goal is to get back in the gym, or to be able to push yourself the way you used to, we can help you regain and maintain your workout regimen.


Your Good Mood

They say, the most important decision you can make is to be in a good mood. You deserve to make that choice every day without chronic pain weighing you down.


Your Focus

There are more than enough distractions flying around us every day and chronic back pain does not have to be one of them. With pain in the rear-view mirror, you can finally look ahead and focus on life after recovery. 

 Jamie Hansen 

 Care Coordinator 

“I love being the person that gets to help people feel comfortable with their experience and finally have hope. Having seen so many people find relief after years of struggling makes me excited for everyone who comes through our door."

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