Do you ever feel like your muscles are full of sticky glue, weaker or smaller than they should be? That’s fibrosis, a quintessential sign of aged or damaged muscle. Aging and stress cause muscles to make fibrous adhesion instead of regenerating healthy muscle. Sadly, most doctors are unaware this contributes to pain and degeneration.  

At Brady Back Institute, we reduce and even eliminate fibrosis. 

Muscle Fibrosis

Fibrosis is often missed or dismissed as tightness, spasm or trigger points, etc. The truth is, muscle fibrosis is the most common, most underdiagnosed, and most fixable condition in the human body. 

 Brady Back Institute offers a range of out-patient, non-invasive treatments that specifically target fibrosis and promote healthy cell regeneration. Upon completion of a treatment plan, our patients report an average 85% improvement.

Our care coordinator, Jamie, will be happy to discuss your situation or answer your questions. She can be reached via email at contact@BradyBackInstitute.com or by phone 978-309-3119.



Dr. William Brady

Treatments that Reduce Fibrosis:

  • Sonic Senolytics®
  • Manual Adhesion Release®
  • Instrument Adhesion Release®

These treatments are very precise and highly effective. Dr. Brady invented these treatments and has taught MAR and IAR for over a decade. 

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